Free Resources

Free Resources

Given the times we’re living, I understand the need for free resources. It’s my pleasure to share the following :

1. Want to win FREE grounding sessions? Being a client is not required.

    • As a believer and practitioner of energy healing, I will be offering those who subscribe to my email list (contact me) the opportunity to receive 3 FREE grounding sessions, which could include meditation, Reiki, or grounding tools. Winners will be contacted via email and phone.
    • I will also share information on monthly events. No pressure or strings attached. Subscribe by simply contacting me through this website.

2. Wisdom Gatherings

    • The fourth Saturday of the month, I welcome you and the WG tribe to join me for FREE through my IG Live @evolve_in or in persion/nature gatherings as I, alongside you and/or special guests, elaborate on a specific topic. Topics gather around personal growth and life challenges.
    • The intent is to share our wisdom from past and present experiences. Whether we have lived it our-self or witnessed another’s experience, the power of a moment lies in how we process it and what we tell ourselves about it and us. That is why our power lies within us and not in the experience.
    • For more info, visit:

3. Therapy Outside the Box Blog

    • This blog’s intention is to connect, support, inspire, and empower people through deep exploration and meaningful conversations. Xiomara Suarez, LMHC, and myself, started this blog in 2018 as our way to further connect with our community and followers.

Our M.O is to strengthen our client’s well-being by way of facilitating change.

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