What makes me so special?

I am most proud of my eclectic style and brand. For instance, I incorporate Reiki, oracle cards, aromatherapy, clinical research, shamanic beliefs, plant medicine research, and spiritual practices into my brand. I offer my clients as many perspectives I am aware of in order to best assist their path. I have confirmed that the best way to “be” is by being my/your genuine self, with mistakes and all. By staying true to my style those I work with have been able to really “feel” where I am coming from and why I propose whatever it is I propose. My approach is different and if you were to prefer a different style, feel free to be honest and ask for a referral. I might be able to suggest options for your consideration. Becoming comfortable in my own skin took time. A spiritual curiosity arose nine years ago, and since then I have learned and continue learning on the power of self-connecting and self awareness.

I have taken different courses and participated in different ceremonies, training and personal retreats to gather tools to better understand and confront my challenges. Aside from my formal, academic education, what I would like the world to know about me and my brand is that we are one. When you choose to work with me, you will get to know me, and I you. Through our connection we will explore and redefine what you seek to address.


How long do I have to be in therapy?

That depends on you, based on your commitment and goals. But if you want to make meaningful changes to your life and relationships, the length of treatment is based on your needs and what you want counseling to help with. I’ve had clients who in a few months shift to either less frequent sessions or “graduate.” I’ve also had clients come back into treatment as needed, or stay on to work on more complex issues based on their needs. I’m not in the business of perpetual therapy. My goal is to assist you in shifting within a time frame that feels best for you.


What can I expect?

During a free consultation, I’ll ask you to share briefly what is motivating you to make the changes you want to explore.  During this call, I answer any questions you might have as well as also share a bit about my practice.

If we decided to schedule an intake session, this first encounter will address a brief background history, any symptoms you’re experiencing and your treatment goals. It is during the intake session where we also discuss a plan of action based on your goals.


Do you take insurance?

Yes, I’m an in-network provider with Aetna and Magellan, also known as AvMed. I’m also an EAP provider with Aetna and Magellan. I bill these insurance companies directly for services provided. For other health plans not listed, I am considered an out-of-network provider. I’d be happy to provide you with a “Superbill” to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement as an out-of-network provider. 


Are there any benefits to not using insurance? 

You might elect to not use insurance for privacy reasons. Throughout treatment, your insurance company generally needs a mental health diagnosis to determine “medical necessity.” Sometimes when processing claims, insurance companies have required additional clinical information such as a treatment summary. Some of my clients have also expressed concerns about leaving a paper trail when applying for life, health or disability insurance.


Do you offer online therapy?

Since the health crisis, I’ve started offering virtual sessions. If using insurance, most in-state plans cover “telemedicine” and are also covering your copay for some time.