Client Reviews

Client Reviews

As a therapist and human being, I honor the connection I've had with each of my clients. Whether we came together for a brief moment, or a longer period, know I am grateful for you. Thank you for trusting me, choosing me, and supporting me as well. I smile when I think back of you.


This wasn’t my first experience with therapy but it absolutely was the best thus far. Yari always managed to get to the heart of the matter. She listened with empathy and responded with intentional questions that I often hadn’t even considered. She was supportive and held me accountable. And she always provided an assignment for me to work on internally before the next session which kept me on track and continuing the work. I will be forever grateful to her.



Upon meeting Yariela there was never an awkwardness. She jumps right into solutions and helps you recognize exactly where to find the resolution. Very smooth and a natural in her field & experience. I came to her in a very broken down and vulnerable state. She worked diligently at walking me through my grieving process with sincerity and genuine concern for my mental wellbeing. For that I am grateful.



Yari is an incredibly caring and understanding individual who was always there to listen and offer her support. It was a pleasure working with her to identify the source of my anxiety, fears, low self-esteem, etc, and to practice exercises and strategies that helped me grow and prosper as a person!



Yari is great. She helped me to identify past trauma and provided insights into how those events impact my every day relationships. Yari worked with me to develop strategies to ground and center myself to help navigate life’s rougher moments, and offered kindness and support. I encourage you to work with her, it will male a difference. Thanks for everything, Yari!



I came to Yari thinking that I already knew you what my problem was. I had convinced myself that I just needed help solving it. In a sense, she did help me solve it but she also helped me to realize that the problems I was taking on weren’t my own. Therefore, I wasn’t responsible for solving them. She challenged me in ways that helped me grow as a person and guided me to a more accepting place to understand myself and others around me . She is truly amazing and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a therapist.



I want to thank you deeply for all the work we have done. I find myself being more mindful and recognizing how far I’ve come and really trying my best to push myself forward and realizing that I can do whatever I set my mind to. It is definitely a struggle to remember and I freeze up at times but therapy and the work I’ve done with you has helped me on so many levels and I wish to continue it.
Thank you for everything that you do! I truly appreciate it.



What an amazing two sessions. Yari is really a blessing. From the very beginning, she was clear in explaining what would be taking place. I really appreciate her professionalism. She was so patient with me. I felt really safe and relaxed in expressing completely and without pressure. She allowed me to take my time in retrieving the information that my soul needed. More information resurfaced after each session. It was such a pleasure. I am so grateful. I will def recommend her to anyone looking for a past life regression.



Best therapist I’ve ever had. Yari definitely knows how to explain things to you for you to understand. I shifted so much. I will forever be grateful to her. Thank you!



To say that Yariela is only a therapist would be a gross misrepresentation. To me Yari was a therapist, a guide, a teacher and even a life line at times. At Yari’s space I felt seen and heard which was crucial on my path to self love and self forgiveness. Yari has been a crucial player in my return to self with her practical and compassionate approach.



At first I was hesitant to seek help for my anxiety and mild depression, being the rambunctious and boisterous personality that I was until I let anxiety creep into my daily life. I was miserable. I was stressed, but worst of all I was always filled with worry and guilt. Until I had enough, I reached out to Yari and began my journey of introspectiveness and growth. We were able to build a path for me to reach normalcy and acceptance of my own behaviors and Thru that, I was able to treat and cure my woes. It was simply life altering and I am on much better terms with myself and my emotions after our healing process. To this day, I couldn’t thank her enough.



Working w/ Yari has been both helpful and refreshing. She is brilliant and masterful with a large variety of approaches and perspectives that connect and produce results. She is direct, open to feedback and an all-around great human. I highly recommend her services.



My experience with Yariela is a before and after in my life. Outstanding and brilliant professional who helped me so much to heal and grow. The best therapist you can ever choose in difficult times.



Every day i’m thankful for the moment i chose to get help and reach out to Yariela. She has helped me empower myself, and helped me grow throughout my journey. She’s very compassionate, understanding, and truly exceeds at and loves what she does. I’m forever grateful to her for the many ways she’s helped me and changed my entire life.



Ms. Yari best combines evidence-based practices with her innate, profound insight, and compassionate humanity to best assist her clients in their efforts to blossom into their full potential.



Yari is an incredible person who has led me to a path I could not have imagined when I stepped into her office for the first time. I was skeptical about seeing a therapist but I needed to try something different since I was in a bad place at the time. She transformed my life! She helped me shift my perspectives and opened up a whole new world for me thanks to her knowledge and holistic approach. She is honest and real. I love that I can be myself, completely unguarded. I have been able to be completely open, vulnerable, without fear of judgment. I am so very grateful to have found her & I highly recommend her to all. She’s exceptional and nothing short of amazing!



As an intern in the helping person I was fortunate enough to be paired with Ms. Yari for supervision. Working under her wing best prepared me as not only a more competent clinician, but as an overall better human being. Her impeccable balance of counseling ethics and competency, paired with unconditional altruism and healthy boundaries provided me a solid foundation on which to find myself as a clinician in order to best help others. I remain forever grateful to her guidance and highly recommend working with her if you’re looking to learn from the best!



Yari has been a light in my life. Helping me shift my paradigm 180, I feel strong enough to get through any obstacle thrown at me. Emotions are hard and messy, but it’s all worth it if you work it. I’ll never forget this experience.



My adventure with Yari has been amazing! Profoundly eye opening, magical, grounding and transforming. Through tears, laughter, a-ha moments, and complete trust I have experienced growth and progress I had never imagined possible. If not for her guidance, acceptance, patience, and incredible encouragement, I would still be stuck in familiar ways and learned patterns. Yari makes you aware that the answers are within you, the choices are yours and you have the power to create your destiny as you wish. She truly provides a no judgment zone, open to all your questions, doubts, concerns, and insecurities, you can tell her anything and her response will always be enveloped in love, understanding and empowerment. I am forever grateful for all her wisdom and support. To summarize, she is awesome and helps you realize that you are too.



No es solo buscar terapias, es identificarte con la terapista, es sentir que alguien te guía y te entiende, en mi caso llego en el momento indicado y logre una conexión que no pensé que se pudiera lograr con un desconocido.


If you'd worked with me and would like to leave a comment that can briefly describe how I supported your journey, I'd greatly appreciate it. Your words can assist others to "get a feel" for my style and ways. Thank you.

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