Hire Me

Hire Me

Feel better, Work Better Workshops

Offering private workshops for your team(s) and/or employees on mental health and/or personal development topics. My intent is to facilitate and provide an empowering approach to support those you work with, who are your second family and on whom so much of your success depends on.

Research has proven the effect that stress and/or mental health concerns has on employees. Often, embarrassment or misunderstanding of one’s particular situation impacts team building and/or team productivity. Research has also shown that those employees who feel better and supported also work better.

I’ve been facilitating workshops since my early 20s. I’ve provided workshops on understanding and managing anxiety, depression, self-esteem, stress and team building, amongst others. Have a topic that you believe can help boost your team(s) wellness? I can help. Want ideas? I have them!

I have experience in group/teams and one on one formats.